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>This is from November 2023 prior to Sora.

Before I would have said we have plenty more to do before A.I takes over. And a.i ( Assisted Intelligence ) would aid those creative process. So it will be 50% job cut in the near 10-15 years, while the other 50% being basically double as effective if not more.

After Sora I think future is quite bleak for a lot of artist. Sora is like 80% there, I think we would be 90% there in 2 years time with 5-10x more GPGPU power training. And in 6 years time 95% there by 2030. Even if it didn't eliminate 90% of job but 80%. The redundancy would mean the job market is flooded with animators and their salary will likely stagnant if not fall.

At the same time I finally understand why Nvidia is worth so much.


> It’s not that Sora is generating new and amazing scenes based on the words you’re typing — it’s automating the act of stitching together renderings of extant video and images.

I think this is untrue. Sora is doing way more than stitching existing videos and images together.

The relentless underhyping of AI is almost as annoying as the overhyping. ChatGPT, for example, is a non-human entity that speaks fluent English. This is an amazing achievement, no matter how many people try to downplay it.